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(2017-07-16 21:50:49) Ron and Becky said:
Finished another week. Lots of rain so lots of laundry. Eagles are constant companions and noisy! Kids (188 plus preschool)don't mind the rain. Sleep well under down comforters. Food is good, cook is from Terre Haute, IN :) Thanks for your prayers.

(2017-07-10 19:31:36) Ron and Becky said:
Greetings from a very wet and cool (50's) Alaska. It is a very busy place. We have settled into a small camper for our stay. Ron is working with a group from Kansas on a paint project. I am again in the office. Remembering you all in prayer.

(2016-12-11 10:48:17) Thelma said:
A BIG THANK YOU to the 2016 Joyful Encouragers Christmas party committee, we had a wonderful time! The food was great and we had a lot of fun playing the games. The fellowship hall looked beautiful! Although, we did miss those of you who wasn't able to come. Thanks again for a great afternoon!

(2016-08-10 15:10:55) Laurel and Thelma said:
A BIG Thank You to everyone who helped with VBS this year. We had a wonderful time. We are having a VBS Evaluation meeting Wed., Aug. 17 at 6:00 pm. We are asking everyone involved in VBS, to please come.

(2016-08-01 15:08:44) Ron and Becky said:
We are about half way through our adventure. Ron continues to labor in the maintenance area (installing a washer and dryer, digging a ditch for power line, and small appliance repair, etc.) He has caught several salmon in the evening to his delight. Becky spends her time in the office (computer entry, phones, copies, registration, etc.) She also gets to feed and catch baby goats after hours. :) Praying for you.

(2016-07-19 15:08:44) George said:
Glad to hear Ron and Becky arrived safely. Let's keep them in our prayers for a safe and successful mission trip!

(2016-07-19 15:04:47) George said:
A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the yard sale! Thanks also to everyone who donated items! We had a very successful weekend!

(2016-07-17 15:04:47) Ron and Becky said:
Arrived safely and have been busy working, meeting new and old friends and lapping up the cool weather. We are thankful to have Saturday and Sunday off to help adjust to the 3 hour time change and all the walking and climbing. We have goats, chickens, horses, and eagles as neighbors. Keeping you all in our prayers.

(2016-07-11 15:01:28) Ron and Becky said:
We are going to try this new format. Thank you so very much for your unexpected, generous, thoughtful gift to be used for our mission trip. We assured we will use it wisely. We are thankful to be a part of a Christ centered, faithful congregation. May God bless you. We will keep you in our prayers while we are gone.

(2016-07-10 15:01:28) Ria said:
Hey! Great seeing the turnout for the yard sale! Wonderful job everyone!

(2016-06-14 15:01:28) George Bond said:
Here's a little something to get the forum going. What did everyone think of the Revival/Anniversary celebration? What did we do well? What could have been done better? Would you like Tommy and John Thomas back again?

(2016-05-25 15:01:28) Tyler (Site Administrator) said:
Hello everyone, and welcome to Sauktown Church of Christ's forum!