Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

The Journey of Faith

May 3, 2020

George Bond


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(2020-05-03 08:28:26) Darrin and Joanne said:
Thank you for bringing us God's message of teaching and encouragement. May we all use this time that we have to reflect and grow, so when we are able meet again, we will be even more determined to be effective and productive, to love and to serve, in gratitude of God's great love for us.

(2020-05-03 08:54:40) Jerry,Sharon and Alex said:
George....very good sermon. This is exactly what we needed to hear and do in our lives as we continue to grow stronger in our faith. God Bless, stay safe and healthy and hope to see our church family soon. In Christian Love and stay loud and proud for the love of God! Jerry, Sharon, and Alex

(2020-05-03 09:38:05) Debbie and Robin Ward said:
Great sermon. God surely wanted to get our attention and sometimes he has to use extreme measures to do that. I pray that he has done that. We will be together soon to learn God's word and worship him. We miss our Christian family at Sauktown. Have a blessed week and hope to see everyone soon.

(2020-05-03 10:02:29) Lola Ward said:
Sometimes,I do not understand,what the verses are saying.You always put them in words,I can understand. Thank You.

(2020-05-03 10:16:05) Howard & Joy Simmons said:
One of the best. God is in control with this virus to wake us up.

(2020-05-03 10:56:26) Joe and Diana said:
Awesome sermon George! Just what we needed to hear! Thank you for teaching us and encouraging us.

(2020-05-03 16:32:08) Ruth Ann & Doc said:
Another wonderful message George. Doc & I look forward to the day when we can rejoin you & Jean & our Sauktown family in person. Until then we feel so blessed that we can hear your message from God. You & Jean stay safe & healthy. Remember Paul's writing in Romans Chapter 8 verse 31 If God be for us, who can be against us.

(2020-05-04 12:15:50) Thelma & Larry said:
Thank you for your message. May we continue to work on and possess the qualities mentioned in 2 Peter 1:5-7 to have a better knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God's love show through us. Love and miss our dear family at Sauktown.