Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

Your Christian Vote Matters!

October 4, 2020

George Bond


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(2020-10-13 10:14:07) Diana said:
Thank you for this sermon on guidance with voting. Good sermon!

(2020-11-04 22:04:59) Dan said:
I grew up Catholic, and the stand up, sit down, kneel, pray, where the people regurgitated chants because it was the weekly procedure is my silly reasoning for my disconnect from religion all together. Moments ago, and off the cuff - I decided to have a listen to this sermon and I believe that I may be willing to give religion itself another go. This sermon was a clean and clear and well thought out that presented a series of questions to ask yourself and George manages to tie history, religion and personal exploration that has driven me to want a little more of this type of inner reflection See you next Sunday