Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

Biblical Quarantine?

April 19, 2020

George Bond


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(2020-04-19 08:44:55) Chadstin Ballog said:
Thank you for posting! Leah and I are happy to listen to the sermon and it feels like we are in church like any normal Sunday.

(2020-04-19 08:57:12) Jan Orman said:
Thank you George for continuing to bring Our Dear Lord's word into my home. Praise Him! To all my brothers and sisters at Sauktown I thank each of you for being a living church, touching mind,body and most importantly the soul. May HE always be with you! May the Holy Spirit walk beside you all so that HIS love is felt and seen and heard! Miss you all.

(2020-04-19 09:24:03) Darrin and Joanne said:
Thank you for this week's message, George. Thank you for showing us that God is relevant even in these weird, trying times! Quarantine is lonely but necessary. We sure do love and miss each and every one of our sweet Sauktown family. We're looking forward to the day when we can all be together again!

(2020-04-19 09:24:57) Lola Ward said:
THANK You.People need to use common sense. Many people lack common sense thus we are in a epidemic.

(2020-04-19 10:01:36) said:
Thank and you George. What a good sermon to remind us of God's instructions to the children of Israel in Lev. We are so grateful for you and church leaders who provide these sermons to us. It makes me feel Gods love shining thru our church and our precious Christian family.

(2020-04-19 11:45:09) Jerry,Sharon,and Alex said:
George.....Very good sermon and with God’s help and protection, we will make it through these trying times. We must keep our faith. God with get us through this. Our family at Sauktown will be even stronger in our faith and health. Christian Love, stay safe and healthy... see you soon. Love, Jerry, Sharon, and Alex

(2020-04-19 12:50:07) Ruth Ann & Doc said:
George what a wonderful message today. We have only been on a short time, but this message was the best yet. We miss you & Jean & all of our Christian family & may you all stay safe & healthy with God's blessing. Hoping to see you soon.

(2020-04-19 13:19:01) Thelma & Larry Truex said:
Thank you! Thank you! What a good message! Thanks for reminding us, with God and patience we WILL all get through these days. It's nice to know that this quarantine is something God wants us to do. Love and miss all of you!

(2020-04-19 13:27:02) Robin, Debbie and Danielle. said:
Thanks George for the message. Yes this is different not being able to see church family. Love and miss you all

(2020-04-19 20:36:02) Don Cindy Tompkins said:
Thank you we enjoy the service we will be trying to pay more attention to the Future services

(2020-04-19 20:39:00) Don Cindy Tompkins said:
Thank you we enjoy the service we will be trying to pay more attention to the Future services

(2020-04-26 12:04:28) Joe and Diana said:
Awesome! We thank God for sending you to bring His Word to us. God bless you both.

(2020-04-27 08:20:16) Laurel said:
Praise God for the wonderful message that was brought to us through His Holy Spirit. Thank you, George,for being God's massager. We are so blessed that God has lead you to Sauktown to minister to us. To all my brothers and sisters In Christ, i love you all and miss you so very much. Praying that you are all well and safe in the hands of God.