Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

Don't Be An Old Goat!

May 2, 2021


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(2021-05-02 14:24:48) Jan Orman said:
Enlightening for sure George. Thank you.

(2021-05-02 19:54:14) Ruth Ann & Doc said:
Another wonderful sermon George.

(2021-05-06 13:15:57) cb said:
I was a little disturbed when I listened to the comments on people who study the prophecy. Topics such as the seals, antichrist, drones, signs etc.. All by the way, were mentioned by me to Pastor George when we first met. I grew up with a father who used to study the Plan for the Ages so I was sure I couldn't be too far off track. Well, I kept thinking, why did he pick on my kind? I have come to the conclusion that Satan can take a Christian and side track them into thinking they are on the right course. Pastor believes that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. He is concerned that we won't have enough oil for God to receive us. There may not be time for side trips. Pastor George wants to lead us on a straight and narrow path. He is not a farmer. He hates the smell of goats! He expects us to show others the straight and narrow path too. Time is a wasting. I may be slow but I eventually get there! Thank You Pastor George!

(2021-05-06 21:49:56) cb said:
I forgot one important thought. I was sure I was covered by Rev. 1:3

(2021-05-23 10:44:46) Jan O said:
I listened again to this,with an open, very open heart! I cried through most of it. Why? I'm not sure. But I think,I really need to fight harder against myself! Thank you to all my sisters at church who continue to reach out to me. I must reach out meet you too.