Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

True Lies

September 25, 2022


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(2022-10-16 08:58:04) Clb said:
Today,I see families afraid to speak out on sexual activities of their relatives. They have accepted their ways because they want to prevent losses and tension among the family. Now more lies are creeping in and there is talk of government control over anyone who thinks differently. The more we allow lies to be over looked ,the more we become loosers.We are at war with the enemy and we can't see it. Pastor George speaks from the heart of God. Absolute truth is our road to freedom and God. Lies will bury us alive. This sermon should be given in every pulpit. Lukewarm Sermons are deceiving lies. They serve only ourselves not God. PASTOR George is hot to go! He goes for the jugular.